can i just tell you...

...how much i love chicago?

it is such a great city. one of the things i like most about chicago is how walkable it is. i remember being amazed by how many people were out and about when it was 20 degrees. imagine what it's like when the weather is nice. there was one day in winter when it hit 60 degrees. during the lunch hour, the streets were filled with people who were taking strolls, out for a runs or chilling at the park munching on their food. no bench, stair or potential sitting area was left empty.

it reminds me of my travels to other countries. when i was in italy i relished how people chilled outside in the evening and enjoyed being outdoors. it creates a community feel to be out like that, rubbing shoulders with people rather than being trapped indoors or being in your car. in LA, i feel like people only go outdoors to go to the beach or go shopping at the newly popular outdoor malls like the grove.

another thing i love is how great the public transportation is out here. when i lived in LA, i tried to take public transport. i took it to work everyday and used it to go in and out of k-town. there is still a special place in my heart for the public transport efforts in LA.

but MAN. here in chicago, i live car-free! well, i guess i cheat a little because will has a car. but i almost never drive. it is common for people to not have cars here, or to have one car rather than two. actually, i don't know any family who owns two cars. one friend moved here from LA and after a year he sold his car and got a bike. today i was walking out the front door to the bus stop at the end of my block and thought, how lucky am i that i don't have to drive to work every day! it is totally doable to live here without a car. imagine that! it is seriously a dream come true for me. ( that sounds cheesy :P)

even when we do drive, 20 minutes is considered far.

i am getting a bike this weekend. my friend from denmark is moving back home and offered to give me her bike. i cannot wait to ride it!


  1. I REALLY wish LA had better public transportation. I try to use it once in a while, but it's so hard to make it a habit.

  2. that's awesome! it sounds like a great place to live...my sister used to live there and loved it. rebecca