me & the bean

will is gone, so this week i'm exploring the city with my camera. i went to the bean for the first time today. it was pretty mesmerizing.

here's a shot of me at the bean. it's like one giant curvy mirror. so i used the reflection to take some self portraits. this one's for you, mom. i know you want to see pictures of me. ;)

it was in the 50s today. it was a gorgeous day. people were lightly dressed. i saw some pedestrians in t-shirts and one lady was walking the street with flip flops!


  1. hey noona,
    that bean thing looks cool. And your pics look really good, I like the train station especially.

    hey where are you living again, so I can let my friend know? see ya

  2. wow, what's the bean? that thing is really interesting...
    also, i'd have to agree with han man about the train station photo.
    miss you!