will was in LA for about 24 hours yesterday. his mom packed a big ol' box of korean goodies for him to bring back. will let me do the honors and open it. in the box were 6 tupperwares of banchan, beans, 3 spices, honey, 2 tubs of kimchi, korean bakery bread, marinated and frozen kalbi, frozen oxtail, korean snacks, seaweed, peanuts, walnuts, a radish, rice cake and kimbap (pictured above).

after gleefully opening the contents of the package, i pigged out on the kimbap at 1am last night. it was soooo good.


  1. wow! both your moms love on you guys with GOOD food! :) i remember when your mom packed han man a bunch of korean goodies too when we were over your place playing settlers! :)

  2. hi clara! haha, that's right. food is the love language of korean moms. :P