live strong

we don't have many friends here, but whenever i post, i keep referring to them as "friends". our closest friends here are will's best man and his wife. i will call them "R" and "E" from now on.

anyways, E told me about lance armstrong's health website last week. it's called livestrong. E goes on there daily and takes one thing from it. it can be a bit overwhelming, but i've been making an effort to go on a few times a week.

for example, i always knew that olive oil is the healthiest oil to cook with. but i learned today that it's really good for you, and great for your skin! but there was one thing i didn't get. they say:
Ingesting about 3 tsp of olive oil each day will help to keep your skin strong and supple, but it can also be used topically to prevent and reduce wrinkles as well as combat acne.
does that mean to cook with olive oil and ingest it, or straight up ingest it? maybe i can dip bread into it.

will and i are generally pretty healthy. we eat lots of produce, cook a lot and don't like processed foods. but i've been inspired to continue to be healthy, both through this website, and also fellow blogger friend larissa, who blogs about health frequently. she resolved to drink 8 cups of water each day in the new year. i've been trying to do that.

and i also want to try her homemade granola recipe soon. it's one of our staples and it would be great if i could make it at home regularly. we'll see how i do.