coffee + spice

after my photography class on saturday, i hopped on the bus and went over to the coffee & tea exchange in lakeview.  they sell coffee, tea and spices by the lb or oz.  

the coffee beans are kept in barrels, like so...

the coffee averages $8/lb.  and the spices you can buy by ounce, averaging about $1/oz, which is amazing considering prices of spices at the supermarket.

i picked up some spices and fair trade organic coffee from mexico.  will and i used our coffee grinder for the first time that day. 

being in lakeview brought back some good memories.  will and i came to chicago over memorial day weekend in 2007 to visit friends, and they lived in lakeview at the time.  i remember walking down broadway and even going into the coffee exchange with will back then.  sometimes i still can't believe i'm actually living here!

although it's been cold and lonely at times, overall i am loving life here!  it's a special time for me and will, making a home and family together in a new city, building new relationships and figuring out life together.

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