inauguration celebration

i kept postponing writing about this, and here i am, 4 days later, finally getting to it.  i celebrated the historic inauguration of our 44th president here in chicago.  although i received an invitation, it got to my hands a bit late and so i decided not to go to washington.  

instead, hanna and i went to the silver room to watch it on TV.  a modest crowd of 50-60 gathered to watch together.  i'm glad i went out to watch it with other people, and it wasn't too crazy or crowded.  it was cool to be with other chicagoans.  their pride in ushering in a fellow chicagoan into the presidency was evident.  

the silver room is in an area called wicker park, and it was my first time going out there.  i also ended up cabbing it because i was running late.  my first time on a cab alone!  wicker park is a retro yuppy area.  sorta reminded me of silverlake in LA.

i thought LA had major obama fever.  but when i got to chicago, it was on another level.

anyways, i totally savored watching the inauguration.  it was a great day.

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  1. That must have been so fun to watch with other Chicago people!

    Steve and I watched it on the big screens at LA Live, the new outdoor area near the Staples Center. It was great!