oh no

the crying has begun.

today was my last day at work.  as i was getting ready for work in the morning, i had an emotional moment.  any other day, it would have been mundane, but that's exactly what made my routine special this morning - i felt so aware that it would be my last time doing the things i've become so accustomed to doing.

i was aware of packing my lunch and my backpack, driving to the train station, taking the metro, walking to work, and then my routine at work.

it was a really full day and i managed to get through the day without any tears.  i packed up everything and made my rounds saying goodbye to people.  there were some moments when i felt the tears welling up, but i pushed them back and stopped myself.  finally, i returned to my office and thought, "i think i made it without crying".  

but as i said my final goodbye, of course they came.

i cried and she cried.  then i left the office.  i cried all the way down the elevator, on the walk to the station, and on the train.  then i cried some more at home.  then a few hours later i cried some more telling will about my day over the phone.

the floodgates have opened.  it has begun.

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