i'm 4 days away

and sick.  i woke up this morning with that achey pain in my throat.  i had a bunch of errands i was going to run but i cancelled everything.

amazingly, i'm feeling pretty calm about it.  it's almost nice to be unable to do anything and just rest.  i think my body broke down as a combination of a really tiring and emotional last day of work, a really fun bachelorette party, wedding stress and pushing myself to get a lot done as the final day approaches, and the cold weather.

i was supposed to have lunch with my maid of honor today.  i called her to cancel but she was very gracious and is now bringing me lunch and running my errands for me.

soon i'll be eating pho with my maid of honor.  i can't think of anything else i'd rather do today.

p.s. i got my programs done last night.  yay!


  1. Bo - I'm sorry to hear that you're sick, but I'm glad that you have a good perspective about it. I will pray that you get better ASAP and that you will be able to fully enjoy your wedding weekend.

  2. jeff - thanks! i found out today that i have the flu. i'm taking some flu medicine, and now all i can do is wait it out. i just hope i can be present and enjoy my big day, not groggy and out of it. ;)