My favorite items for baby

I can't believe our little one is almost 4 months! I wanted to quickly document my favorite items for baby up until this point. Here they are, in no particular order:

Bouncer: It doesn't really matter what brand. We have the Fisher Price Snugabunny and we used it a lot for him to chill in and sleep in for about 3 months. It's nice to have something upright to put them in after feeds too.

Tiny Love Mobile: We were gifted this mobile and I didn't set it up until he was about 6 weeks because I didn't like it at first. But it's a lifesaver. After I nurse him, I put him in his crib and turn this on while I pump. He'll be entertained by it for 15-20 minutes.

Fisher Price Piano Gym: I think any type of play gym works. I like this one because he can kick the keyboard with his feet and later sit and play the keys with his hands. At first he would just lie under there but over time he swatted at the hanging animals and now he grabs them and plays with them.

Fisher Price Jumperoo: He loves this thing. It's hideous, but he can exercise his legs on it and play with the various toys around it. I put him in here while I'm cooking and eating downstairs.

My Brest Friend: I have the boppy but I ended up just sitting on it to relieve pressure during my post partum recovery because it didn't work for me with nursing. My neighbor gave me her brest friend nursing pillow and I love it. Super comfy and I have an extra one in the car in case I need to feed him while out.

Miracle blanket: We just stopped swaddling him, but I loved the miracle blanket. It makes swaddling easy and I found that I didn't have to make it as tight but it still kept him from breaking free.

JJ Cole BundleMe: We just got this but I wish we had gotten it earlier. It's great for cold climates. We used to put a blanket on top of him in the car seat but this is snug and keeps him warm.

Mother's Milk Tea: I drink a few cups of this tea every day and I think it helps with my supply.

That's about it! Let me know if there are other items you found useful during the first few months of your little one's life.

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