Anniversary, V-day & B-day

Three separate events, but as you can see I'm catching up on a backlog of blog posts!

Our anniversary is late December, so it's always tough to celebrate then. We're usually in LA visiting family. This year we celebrated with a quiet dinner at home made by W. He made paella and it was really good.

4 year anniversary dinner
For v-day, per our tradition, W cooked dinner.

V-day dinner by W
 My birthday is in March. I wanted to just do a nice dinner, but W got together a group of friends from our small group at the last minute and we went out to our favorite Thai restaurant, and then came to our place for games and cake.

W wanted to make my cake. We attempted a Korean style light fluffy cake...

W making my cake
I decorated it
 It didn't come out quite as planned, but I still enjoyed it. Had a great time with friends - am grateful for the community God has provided for me here.

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