Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving meal
Pumpkin pie & Rooibos tea
Hiking at Dakota Ridge Trail
This year was the first year we thought about going to LA for Thanksgiving because one of my good friends was getting married, but after much consideration, we decided to stay here.  My mom was supposed to fly out but she got sick so she stayed in LA, and it ended up being a laid back weekend.

We had friends over again for dinner this year. Thanksgiving has become a friend holiday for us, and we have enjoyed hosting and sharing the meal with friends. This year I'm grateful for the new friends we've made in our new city. W and I were talking last night about how we have turned a corner in friendships just in the last 2 months. We were in a very different place in terms of friendship/community even in early September. I'm also grateful that I got into nursing school here and that W and I could be in the same city. I'm grateful for our church and the ways we are both growing. I'm grateful for the prospect of being in one city for awhile.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!

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