V-day report

Per our tradition, W cooked dinner for Valentine's Day. I think this year's meal was my favorite so far: paella and ratatouille. The paella especially was delicious! I think we're going to make it again this weekend for our out-of-town guest. I made the above card last year and gave it to W. I hope everyone had a great V-day!

Edit: I got W a copy of The Hunger Games as well. I read all of the books as they came out but W never did. People at his work are really into it and plan on watching the movie together. He's been hooked all weekend.


  1. Ooh, yummy. We went on a date to a French restaurant a few weeks ago and had mussels for an appetizer - YUM. I've been thinking of them ever since and your photo reminded me! Sounds like a delicious V-day...we ate Beard Papa's w/ friends and neighbors. : )

  2. Charissa, your V-day sounds perfect! What restaurant did you go to? And I love Beard Papa's.