Two grandmas

I saw the cutest thing shopping for Thanksgiving groceries at Costco today. There were two little old ladies in front of me at the check out line.  They were probably in their late 70s, with full blown white hair. One was an old hand at Costco shopping, and she had brought her friend to experience the goodness of Costco for what I think was her first time. She was giving her tips in her little old lady voice, like "Don't put your receipt in your wallet! Keep it out, otherwise you'll have to take it back out again at the exit." Spoken like a pro.

After they walked away the cash register dude, probably a blonde 18 year old and I smiled at each other and commented on how that just made our days.

I hope that when I'm at the ripe old age of 80 I'll have friends to run errands with and friends who are hip enough to teach me the ways of the young 'uns.

Today I'm grateful for friendships, old and new. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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