I went Fuji apple picking today.  Sort of.

So here's the run down on apple picking, for you big city folk. The farms have a calendar of dates that show when certain varieties of apples will be available for picking. My aunt and I checked the schedule online over a month ago and saw that Fuji apples would be picked this weekend, and begin today at 9am, at the farm where she's been doing this for years.  We mark it in our calendars.  $16 for a 25lb bag that you can pack to overflowing.  My aunt insists that arriving at 9 sharp is a must.

This morning I get over there and apparently the picking happened last week, not this week as planned.  So they had the Fuji apples in bins, already picked.  I have to say, they still looked amazing and super fresh and non-store-bought-like.  But it was a mad craze, because there was a whole lot of people who were planning on doing their annual Fuji apple picking, who were all scrambling for apples (think Black Friday).  Some people took work off for this special event.  That's how good these apples are. It was a good thing I came at 9 because those who came 15 minutes after me had the bottom of the bin to pick from.  So I left with 50lbs of Fuji apples (2 bags).  Last year my aunt picked 9 bags, I think, and she was sharing them with me and W in May when we were house hunting.

So that's the story of the Fuji apples.

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