Enjoying Fall

Thanks for the comments and encouragement on my last two posts. I'm part of a group at church for women who just moved, and I shared about my frustrations there on Wednesday. I'm glad I did, because I felt better after talking about it.

I haven't done any photos in awhile. So I thought I'd share some of my fall decor around the house. I put most of the stuff on the mantle. Here's the overall look:

I got these mini apothecary jars from my aunt, who was about to get rid of them in a garage sale. I filled them with some twigs from a bush in front of our house, and a dried up hydrangea from the backyard:

This vase is also rescued from my aunt's garage sale. I cut a long twig from another bush from the front yard. The bright red leaves of this bush are gorgeous, and it adds a nice touch inside the home:

These yellow leaves are from a tree on our street. Most of the trees have no leaves left, so I'm glad I got some from this tree before they're all gone. The vase is from my cousin Jane's wedding:

Another view:

I got these gourds at the farm market where I picked Fuji apples. They were on sale 3 for $1.25. The milk glass candy dish is a find from a garage sale in my aunt's neighborhood, for $1. I put them on the coffee table next to my african violet plant:

We also have a medium sized pumpkin that W picked up at the local grocery store for $4. It's sitting next to the fireplace.

Total cost of fall decor: $6.25


  1. bo, i really like all your little fall decor!! so colorful!


  2. thanks janice! if everything is still alive, it will probably still be here when during your visit. :)