Pear Picking

My aunt invited me to go pear picking last week. Asian pear picking!  It was my first fruit picking experience of any kind.  I was so bummed last year when I realized it was a thing to do (most Chicago people go to Michigan to pick apples), and I was 2 weeks too late.  So I was excited to go.  We went on a weekday and had the farm to ourselves as my aunt knew the lady who was working there.

I came home with 2 large bags of Asian pears.  They are the sweetest Asian pears I've ever had.  Fruit picking made me realize how artificial the perfectly shaped fruits at the store look.  In reality, they are all shapes and sizes and colors.

Enjoying the juicy sweet pears at home...


  1. The artificial perfectly shaped fruits were weird to see when we were back in the States. I kept thinking, "Not all bananas look like that!" ;) I'm glad you had fun picking Asian pear! Yummy!!

  2. Fruit perfection is definitely not natural! We use too many hormones and pesticides here in the U.S.