Every year I have an annual gathering with my cousins over Christmas.  We have certain traditions such as playing flag football, singing carols and chilling in the hot tub.  The other thing we do is have a gift exchange.  It's done white elephant style with numbers handed out and stealing, and there's always a theme.  In the past we have done themes of movies, gift baskets, books, board games, under $5, gift cards and others that I can't remember.  We're trying to think of a good one for this year.  The only thing I can come up with is Christmas ornaments.

Do you have ideas from gift exchanges you've done in the past?  Or any you've always wanted to do?  Please share!


  1. How about t-shirts or socks? You can get really crazy with either of those.

  2. I like the socks idea! I'll see what the clan thinks.