I Heart NYC

We had such a great time during our short trip to New York. Friday night we got in and had late night pizza at Lombardi's.  I love thin crust pizza.

Saturday morning we had an unexpectedly good complimentary breakfast at the cafe next to our hotel.

Then we headed off for New Jersey by train for the wedding. My first Jewish wedding - it was awesome.

The groom is W's friend from grad school.  They had a Jewish ceremony on Saturday and an Indian one on Sunday. We decided to just pick one, but I'm sure Sunday's celebration was a blast.

After stuffing ourselves at the wedding, we met up with Janice for dessert at Cha-an Bakery, which was delicious. It reminded me of cafes in Seoul.

On Sunday we went to Hoboken, NJ to visit other friends we made in Chicago. Then we met up with Janice and bought her Korean groceries at H-Mart, had a quick meal at BCD and then took off for the airport.

I loved NYC.  It reminded me of the cities we visited during our Asia trip, especially of Seoul and Bangkok.  It's amazing how different life is just a one hour plane ride away.  I can't wait to go back and explore more of the city. Our time was so packed this time that I felt like I barely touched the tip of the iceberg.

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