vietnam: day 8

after breakfast we went to the mall with w's cousin's family.  no one bought anything, we just kind of walked around.  then we went across the street and chilled at a coffee shop.  his family is coming to LA a day before we arrive so we planned out a tentative schedule.

we went home, took naps, and then got ready for the younger niece's end of school concert.  afterwards we went out for dinner.  i had some good rounds of hangman with w's niece.  then we went home, packed, picked up some kimbap and went to the train station. 

we got on an overnight train from hanoi to laocai, which is in northern vietnam.  we were in a 4 person sleeper cabin and grateful to be sharing the cabin with a couple from spain.  i used my broken spanish to communicate with them and we shared travel stories and tips, then went to "sleep".

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