vietnam day 11 / thailand day 1

so the night before we took a van from sapa to laocai.  then we took the night train from laocai to hanoi.  we took a taxi to the airport.  we then waited 5 hours at the hanoi airport for our flight.  i saw 2 rats at the airport.  by this point we were tired and ready to leave vietnam.  we finally got on a plane from hanoi to bangkok.  we waited 4 more hours at the airport, then flew from bangkok to krabi.  then took a cab to our hotel. 

after checking in we went to the night market where we had really good phad thai, mangosteen, honey chicken on skewers and durian for the first time.  we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

already we could see a big difference between vietnam and thailand.  thailand is much more developed and even the street food is cleaner.

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