thailand: day 6

we got up early and called our friend troy, who lives and works in bangkok.  he gave us some recommendations for the day.  we went to the robinson's food court for lunch, where we ate basil chicken with rice and egg, a papaya salad, watermelon and a taro pastry. 

then we headed for the grand palace, which is where the thai king used to live, and is the national jewel.  bangkok has a subway system, which was nice to be back on after cabs and boats.  we took the train to the river, and took a river boat to the palace.  we noticed all the tourists took a tourist boat that cost 150 baht, per person but w found the boat the locals take which cost 15 baht per person.

the palace is pretty amazing.  it's huge and you could spend the whole day.  we took a quick walk around as it was really hot, then left for lunch.  we ate lunch at the koreatown plaza, which holds about 20 korean restaurants.  it was pretty good.  i was impressed that the korean lady who owned the restaurant we ate at spoke thai pretty well, from what i could tell.

we went home for a nap.  then took off again for siam, where we went shopping at the street stalls of local thai designers, although i found many clothes made in korea.  then we went to mbk, a mall.  we were pretty overwhelmed and didn't end up buying much.  then we went to the suan lum night bazaar, where we ate fish with ginger and walked around - they have traditional stuff there.

i think one more day in bangkok would've been good.  we were exhausted at the end of the day trying to cram everything in.

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