thailand: day 3

by now we were wishing we had planned more time in thailand.  the weather is slightly cooler than vietnam, and everything is a little nicer, but still different.  the food is amazing.

we got up early and got on a boat to go scuba diving.  we were to do 2 dives that day in two locations.  i was feeling nervous.  the boat was rocky and i started feeling a little nauseous.  we went down for our first dive.  it was pretty amazing - saw tons of fish and a barracuda.

then the not so fun part began.  we came out of the water and breaked for lunch.  before eating, we were to do more tests: swimming around the boat twice and floating in the water for 10 minutes.  i completed the swim but during the float i started feeling nautious.  i got back on the edge of the boat and began puking.  i puked until all my breakfast came out.  the fish loved it and all came to eat the "food".  sorry, i know this is tmi!

i didn't eat lunch.  i wasn't going to go back down but the instructor encouraged my to go down just for 20 minutes.  i reluctantly agreed and went down.  we ended up staying down there for 40 minutes.  i'm glad i went because that second dive earned my completion of the PADI scuba diving certification.

we got back to the island and chilled.  we ate gelato, did some shopping and ate phad thai.  w went back to the school to continue on with the Open Water certification, which i decided not to get.  this means you can dive alone, but i don't think i'd ever want to go down without a guide.  w loves scuba diving, because he loves animals and you really do get to see a lot of cool stuff down there.

while he finished class i walked around, got some gifts and chilled at a bookstore.  lots of used bookstores here where travelers buy and sell their books.

w and i ate a grilled fish for dinner, then took a long boat to our second hotel, which was about a 30 minute boat ride.

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