last day of travel

we arrived in seoul at 7am.  w did not sleep a wink on the plane, so we checked into a hotel at the airport (very convenient!), as we had an 8 hour layover.  after taking a nap, we left the airport and met up with w's cousin for lunch.  then we picked up the rest of our luggage from my cousin's place and went back to the airport, where we had just enough time to take a nap and quick shower before getting on the plane back to LA.  our 12 hour flight back was brutal, but the food was really good - asiana is awesome, i highly recommend it.

we are now in LA spending time with family before heading to columbus to begin a new phase of life.  i'm jet lagged right now - it's 4am and i've been up since 2:30am.  i'm sleepy all day and then at night i cannot sleep!

the weather in LA is gorgeous.

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