korea: day 7

we woke up at my aunt's house in namhae.  in the morning we made breakfast, ate and will buried the food leftovers from dinner and breakfast in the garden.  people use the leftover foodstuffs to fertilize their gardens, and my aunt packs out the trash and carries it into the city.  oh, i also wanted to mention that all of her furniture is used stuff that her friends were getting rid of, and the appliances like the rice cooker, microwave and such are gifts from friends who have stayed over.  i thought she was very resourceful.

my aunt's street leads up to a hike to a buddhist temple and a mountaintop view, so we took the hike to a little bit beyond the temple and back.  then we went out and ate abalone porridge for lunch.  we learned that they grow the abalones for a year in their tanks, and then let them grow for 3 additional years in the sea.  that is why abalone is so expensive.  we drove around the island, visited a rock in the shape of a male's you know what.  supposedly if you touch it you will be able to get pregnant.  after that we went to sangju beach.  then we went to mijo and ate anchovy stew for dinner.  yum!  ;)

we came back and watched some csi and then went to sleep.  i love island culture.  we noticed lots of elderly people working hard in the rice fields and walking along the roads with packs on their backs in the heat of the day.  it was very impressive.

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