korea day 11 / vietnam day 1

we walked over to my uncle's place and had breakfast.  health is a big thing in korea these days. everyone is eating healthier and gyms are popping up all over the place.  we had a really healthy breakfast.  we talked about the world cup, family news and said our goodbyes.

we met up with will's cousin saejong again, and went out to lunch in apgujeong.  i had momil guksu (soba) and donkasu.  we also saw a once famous korean music group, dj doc there.  we rushed back home, and got our luggage.  will's aunt and uncle took us to the airport.  i cried after we said our goodbyes as i was going through security.  i remember i always used to cry when i left korea, and i did it again. 

i had a great time in korea, but i think the trip was especially significant for will.  will had not been to korea in 20 years.  a lot has changed since then.  also, i think the trip was really healing for him on two levels.  first, in terms of identifying as a korean american and being proud of the korean part of himself.  secondly, in reconnecting with his family and gaining a larger perspective on his own family, especially his father.  i feel really grateful for the time we had in korea as a couple, and that i was able to meet his family.  it was very cool to see how great the trip was for will too.


no one in korea could quite understand why we wanted to go to vietnam.  all of our relatives told us it was dirty, really hot, and not much to do.  still, i think i had a bit of a shock when i arrived at the airport in hanoi.  it was a lot smaller than i had expected.  and it was hot.  will's cousin picked us up and we went over to his home.  he is married with 2 really sweet daughters.  we planned a general itinerary and went to sleep.

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