korea day 5

we ran an errand in the morning - needed to buy a laundry drying rack (they don't have dryers in korea.  i wonder what they do in the winter?) so we went out to get one.  then we will's uncle picked us up and we went to visit will's grandparents' grave, about an hour away from seoul.  will's uncle moved the grave site and has space for himself and his 4 brothers there if they want to be buried there as well.  then we went to lunch in icheon, which is known for its rice.  it was a really good lunch, a variety of great banchan.

we came home, quickly did laundry and then met up with my cousins seungyun and heeyun for dinner.  my cousin heeyun looks like a korean actress.  they say guys just ask for her number on the street.  we had kongguksu and then walked around insadong, an area that sells traditional korean stuff.  we also went to a traditional korean tea house.  i remember going to inasdong 10 years ago and really liking it.  now it just seems like an overpriced tourist trap.  after that we walked along the cheonggyecheon river, which is a manmade river in seoul.  it kind of reminded me of a mini seine river.  lots of couples walk along the river, and it's a couple of miles long.

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