This and that

I took a break from fb, twitter, bloglines and korean dramas for lent and it was really good. Now I feel overwhelmed by it all! I can only spend about a minute on fb and then I close it down. I also transferred my blog reading to google reader and in the process cut down my blog following to 40. I used to have 138 feeds. I feel gooood! Hopefully I can keep it this way.

We've had really great weather over here. It's been the complete opposite of last year. This week is a bit rough with flurry predictions and busting out my snow coat after having switched out my winter and summer clothes, but I think I'll be ok.

We're starting to look on craigslist for a place in Columbus. The upside is that things are a lot cheaper out there. The downside is, it's hard to look long distance. But we'll be taking a trip out in 2 weeks so I'm looking forward to that.


  1. Hi Bo! Good for you for purging your blog subscriptions. I cut out two of my oldest subscriptions when I realized I wasn't enjoying them. It's a better use of time online, I think (they each posted daily, sometimes more!).

  2. Charissa - I agree! I realized there were some blogs I really enjoyed for the content, but the frequency of the content (probably averaging 7-8 posts a day or more) was too much for me.