Recap + 2010

i got back from LA last night. with a cousins reunion to san diego, a 1 year anniversary trip to santa barbara and splitting time between my family and the in-laws, it was a packed trip. i apologize to those i could not meet up with!

this holiday was different for 2 reasons: it was our first holiday season as a married couple, and we don't live in the same city as our families. therefore, it required a lot of learning how to navigate time between the families, relatives and friends.

also, one downer during the trip was that my mom's house got robbed while we were away in santa barbara. she was pretty traumatized because the house got ransacked.

overall though, i had a great time in LA. maybe too good of a time, because i had a really hard time leaving this year. i feel more homesick right now than i did during all of last year in chicago. but it did feel nice to come back to our home in chicago and realize that we have made our home here together.

for 2010, i have not made any resolutions, except to go through the bible in one year. so far i am on track but that is because i started ahead of time, knowing i would get behind. also, i want to take more photos of me and will. in the midst of taking photos of other people and things, i missed out on taking photos of us during our first year of marriage and all of our adventures and friends in chicago. i think i'll just bring my little powershot and use that for photo purposes.


  1. Nice to find your lovely blog! I see we have a common interest in Chicago and (fresh)food, so thought I'd just say hi :)

  2. omg!! i can't believe your mom's house got robbed! i'm so sad for her. :(

    glad you guys had a good time in cali. we're excited about the good news about columbus. we have family and friends there so we'll have to visit!

  3. mar - i know, isn't that lame? i was sad too. totally come visit us! i don't think it will be as popular a destination spot as chicago has been.

  4. oh man, i can't believe your mom got robbed. and over the holidays too. so sorry. =( i'm assuming she wasn't home...

  5. hi hannah! yes, luckily, she was not home.