Chicago Favorites: Chinatown

The other day I decided to go to Chinatown to pick up a birthday gift for a friend in LA, who wanted tea. So after work I hopped on the El and went over there. As I was walking through Chinatown as the snow was falling, I had a really happy moment. Everything just looked so pretty, and it felt magical walking in the quiet snowfall and peering into the windows of shops (so cheesy, right?).

I remembered the time I went to Chinatown with Will about a year ago. At the time I wasn't working and I was beginning to get cabin fever, feeling cooped up indoors. He came home from school early that day and saw how depressed I was and told me we were going on a field trip. He took me to Chinatown. We window shopped and ate at 2 bakeries. Since then I've enjoyed many memories of dim sum, bakeries, Joy Yee's fruit shakes and grocery trips to Chinatown.

We've had some good times in Chicago. Most of you probably know by now that I'll be moving to Columbus, Ohio in June. I think I'm already getting nostalgic about Chicago. I love that I can just hop on the El and go to Chinatown after work, and then walk home. There's just something really cool for me about a pedestrian lifestyle.

I'm going to start posting about different things in Chicago, so I can remember my life here. I know it seems early, but when I think about it, I only have about 5 months left in the windy city, and it will go by quickly.

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