i am going to attempt to describe a difference in life in chicago v. los angeles. i don't know how to label it. it's not necessarily "unity", but i'll just use it for lack of a better term.

first, i want to say that chicago does have major divisions, but i won't get into that here.

so here i go. i have contemplated this question a lot:

Q: what brings the city of LA together?
A: the lakers.

Q: what brings the city of chicago together?
A: downtown, pockets of the city, certain foods (i.e. pizza), the weather and events.

for example, if there is something going on in the city, you can bet that wherever you go, people will be talking about it, and most people will have gone to it. i remember when the taste of chicago was going on. everyone talked about it - at work, church, social gatherings. it was the same when the air show happened, when there was a bad storm, after the marathon, the jazz festival, the u2 concert, the 4th of july fireworks over the lake. there is a way in which it seems the city moves and breathes together.

that is all.

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