beautiful fall weekend + random

after a couple weeks of cold weather, we had a beautiful fall weekend here in the midwest. the sun was shining and it was warm. i spent most of my time outdoors, walking among the crowds in downtown, and hanging out with friends at maxwell street market where we enjoyed tacos, horchata, coke from a bottle and fresh churros.

on another note, my hair has gotten very long and i'm thinking about chopping it on my trip to LA in december.

friends r and e had their baby about a month ago and i'm so in love with her! i haven't seen her in over a week and i'm getting desperate. a visit is forthcoming.

last month we used our crockpot for the first time and made chili. and then will made chicken soup. the thing is awesome. i need to find more recipes.

i can't get over how much i love chicago. lately i've been realizing that it's been like a dream to live here for the last 10 months. some things i love about it:

work is 2 miles from home, church is 1 mile from home (yes!!!)
friends live close by: caddy corner from us, and 5 blocks away
there are so many cool areas around the city, each with their own personalities
i get to meet people from all over. more than half the people i meet here are not from here
the trees
the way the city comes together (i'll try to expand on this in another post)

also, i'm going to see the nutcracker next month with a friend. i haven't been to the ballet here so i'm looking forward to that.

peace out.


  1. this is a good crockpot site. i've made a few things: http://crockpot.cdkitchen.com/

    wow, hearing you wax poetic about chicago makes me want to leave la. i was just thinking today how crazy it is how we're willing to drive so far for certain things. i'd love to live in chicago or ny.

  2. my sister who lived in chicago for about two years before moving back to cali repeatedly has said how much she loved chicago. reading your blog was like listening to her rave about her love for that city. i'm glad to hear that you love it there!