week 9

so i ran a half marathon!!! i did 13.1 miles last saturday in 2:07. ryan hall, who came in 10th for the u.s. in the beijing olympics marathon event ran with us! he offered some encouraging words too.

here's the debrief:

overall - i felt better than i did last week after running the 12 miles. i know it's because i stuck to all of my short runs during the week.

goo - i tried out my homemade goo consisting of honey and cinnamon on my long run. i couldn't tell if it helped, but it didn't slow me down or give me cramps, which was good. and i like the taste of it much better than the store-bought brands.

water - i drank less water before and during, so i only had to use the restroom twice during the long run. and i was totally fine. lesson learned.

ipod - i borrowed my bro's ipod nano and listened to sermons while running during the week. it helped SO much!!! i think this is what pulled me through my solitary runs. listening to n.t. wright's view of jesus and the church while running a 6 miler was awesome.

pace - i'm in the 10 minute mile pace group and it feels a little slow. i think i'm more like a 9:45. but i don't want to run alone, and i don't want to burn out either. don't know what to do about this.

this week - might be a challenge. i'm hosting my cousin who's visiting from california, and i'm going to the willow creek leadership summit on thurs and fri.

this week's runs:

mon: 3 mi [missed]
tue: 7 mi [done]
wed: 4 mi [done]
sat: 10 mi [done]


  1. Wow, Bo. Super impressive!

  2. Go Bo Go! You inspire me, especially since i started getting back into running when you started this training, and you are blowing us all away!

  3. thanks for the encouragement guys! it's surreal to me that i ran that far, and to realize that my body has the ability to run such a long distance. crazy, huh?