rainy day

it was rainy, cold and windy today. an umbrella flipping kind of windy. while it was raining sideways, i got on the wrong bus. i realized it, got off, and went to the bus stop. waited forever. then a bus passed me by because it was full. a second bus tried to pass me by but i knocked down the door until they opened it for me.

also, a couple that i have become good friends with is moving to denver tomorrow. i'm pretty bummed about that. it doesn't help that i have become attached to their newborn baby.

and. i didn't do my run today because of a pain in my left quad, and the rain.

another not-so-great thing happened today that i won't mention.

here's my attempt to cheer myself up. and cheer you up after reading this downer of a post.

pretty yellow flowers.

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