the bird attack

in my last post i mentioned that i got attacked by a bird. i got an email from my mom this morning in response to that:

Dear Boyun,
How are you doing?
I checked your blog, you were attacked by a bird.
Are you OK now?
I send another addition on the conference note, would you correct the part of TC xxx's reponse and Corrective Action Plan?
Thanks again.
I love you!

one thing about being long distance is that i get more emails from my mom. i love getting her emails! so funny! i've been editing some of her written work so that's what the other stuff is about.

update on the bird attack: i was a bit traumatized by the attack so when i went running the next day i kinda freaked every time i saw a bird. but when i approached the site of the incident, i noticed that there was a row of trees along the path whose branches hung really low. i think my head got too close to a nest or a bird that was in the tree and that's why it decided to attack me.

i think i'm okay now. thanks mom.

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