1st long run: 5 miles

summary:  bad start, good finish

it started off like this.  i slept early last night in preparation for the 8am group run today.  i planned out how to get there.  i was mentally ready for my first long run.  i got up, got ready and started driving there.  

as i was driving though, i looked over and i saw a bunch of people with orange shirts on running along the path.  orange world vision shirts.  i did a double take.  it was my running group.  what were they doing so far along the path already???

it turns out the run started an hour earlier today, at 7am.  they sent out an email yesterday at 3:30pm, but i didn't check it so i didn't know.  i was seriously mad.  like you know when you plan everything out perfectly but it still doesn't turn out right?

so i had to turn around, go home, map out a 5 mile path and get myself pumped to run 5 miles alone.  right.  

i stretch a bit, then step out the door and start running.  i kid you not - one minute later it starts raining.  and about five minutes after that my left side starts cramping.  i felt like the marathon gods were against me.

well, halfway through the run, the cramp is gone and i'm feeling really pretty good, even though it's raining lightly.  i'm also feeling amazed that i'm actually doing this by myself.  go me!  

i finished in good time.  

next week:  6 miles.

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