partner's club

i went to my first partner's club event yesterday.  it's a club for spouses of students.  but of course, it was all women.

it was cool to be around people who are in the same boat.  we had a lot of common experiences.  it's sort of a unique thing, to be married and move, not for your own reasons, but for your husband's school/career, to a place where you know nobody, have no family, and no job.

something a lot of women experience is boredom.  what do you do while your husband is busy with school and recruiting, and you don't know where you'll be in 2 years?  discover the city, take classes, find work, raise the kids - these are some of the things i found that people do.

one interesting thing that came up was that it seems that there has been some tension between women students in the program, and the wives of students.  i think the whole "homemaker/motherhood/wife" choice versus "career first" pushes buttons for people on both sides, but at this stage, probably more so for the homemakers.

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