LA trip

it was will's spring break last week, so we took a quick trip to LA. here's were the highlights:
  1. good food - i think we ate mostly japanese and mexican food the whole trip. but also some korean and froyo.
  2. seeing family - since we pretty much left LA right after getting married, it was good to reconnect and let people know that we are alive and enjoying marriage and chicago.
  3. seeing a few friends - very limited, since the time was so short, but much needed.
  4. seeing my old coworkers - i missed them a lot. after lunch, they dragged me into the office and made me sit in my old spot.
  5. the weather - it was like summer! sunshine the whole time.
i definitely did not enjoy the traffic - omg. it's amazing how quickly you get used to not having to deal with traffic. it was ever apparent how spread out LA is, how many cars there are, and how you have to drive to get anywhere. couldn't stand it. i felt like i was in the car the whole trip. here in chicago, a 20 minute drive is considered a bit far.

anyways, it was nice to find that by the end of the trip, we were ready to return home to chicago. i realized how quiet my life is here, and i like it. and in just 3 months, it really has become home.

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  1. that's cool that you feel like c-town is like home