today was my second photography class. this stuff is not easy. i took over 200 photos in the last few days and i like maybe a handful of them. but i am having a blast! it's a great way to explore a new city, and chicago has so many great photo ops. you can check out some of my attempts here if you're curious.

also. it hit 56 degrees today! it was such a gorgeous day. everyone was outside, including me. and i wore my regular shell and shoes, not the down jacket and boots! when i woke up this morning, all of the snow had melted off the balcony. the snow at grant park was gone today, and there was grass! i can't believe that grass stayed green under all that ice. at one point, we checked the weather and it was warmer here than LA by a few degrees. :)


  1. bo! did you buy a new camera yet? i hear there's some really good deals on SLRs right now.

  2. hi vero - i did! i got a canon just a few days ago. ;)