chi town's k-town

the excitement for today was accompanying will to the barber shop. he had been to 3 different barbers here, with no luck. today, in sheer desperation he googled "korean barber" and found someone. the guy was in chicago's k-town, and so i couldn't resist the opportunity to go with him on this little field trip.

all i can say is, if LA's k-town is like korea in the 70s, then chicago's k-town must be like korea in the 50s. a few weeks ago we went karaoke-ing for a friend's birthday, and the noraebang was so ghe-tto. the machine was super slow and kept doing weird things. that thing must've been one of those machines from the first batch of karaoke machines ever made or something. hehe.

but still, it was fun to go over there and get a taste of something familiar. and will got a great haircut.

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