our home

some people have asked to see pics of our new home, so i will begin posting some.  it is still a work in progress, but we have worked very hard to make a home here!

it has definitely been an adjustment, living in a city.  to get into my unit, i have to walk through two sets of double doors, one set of which i use an electronic key, and then i have to ride up seven floors on a verrry slow elevator.

but the great thing is that public transport is very accessible!  here is our building from the outside.  it's the one on the left.

i've been in chicago for almost 3 weeks now.  it actually feels longer.  i am beginning to feel more familiar with the city.  i've figured out where to shop for what.  we go to the korean grocery store, the neighborhood market, trader joe's, costco, and an organic produce store.  the produce store has been such a great find.  they have really affordable and really fresh produce.  it's just as good as california produce!  i laid out some of the fruit and took a photo.