the main space

on with the house tour!  this is the other main area besides the bedroom/bathroom.  here is the best view i could get of the entire room.  it contains our living, office, dining and kitchen areas all in one.

here's the sitting area.  i picked light furniture as not to overwhelm the space.  we also have a futon so we could host guests (right).  

here's where we work.  will uses one of the dining chairs at his desk.  

and where we eat.

and where we cook.

and the place from another angle.

that's about it!  now that it's set up, i'm feeling more settled and good about being here.  it's amazing how much having the place set up makes a difference.  


  1. Bo, congratulations on your wedding, honeymoon and move to chicago! I can't believe you're braving the cold cold winter. STay warm and continue posting your blog. Love the updates, especially the photos!!! You have a great eye for capturing your environment.

  2. 1) we also use a dining chair as our desk chair.
    2) you and hubs work sidebyside? very cute.

  3. That's a very nice looking apartment! It looks very spacious and I like the way you decorated.