i will miss

hearing the salvation army horn quartet playing christmas carols at union station on december mornings as i transfer lines

$3.06 falafel sandwiches next door to work, with 50% off coupon

urth caffe. i went to the downtown location for the first time today. awesome! urth has a special place in my heart, not only because it's a great cafe, but because will and i went to urth on many of our first dates.

noshi sushi. will keeps telling me to make frequent trips to noshi because i will miss good sushi in chicago.

golden deli. our favorite vietnamese food in alhambra. and cheap.

which reminds me - blossom, another favorite work lunch spot. vietnamese fusion.

el atacor - best tacos and burritos. they have a four tacos for $2.99 combo. ten minutes away from home.

shaab, our favorite shabu shabu spot in old town. really good deals during lunch.

i don't know how this turned into a food post. LA has such good, affordable, authentic ethnic food. i will definitely miss that.

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