3 weeks

i gave my three weeks notice at work today.  i was pretty nervous about it, but it went well.  my boss was very gracious and affirming.  it was also a huge burden lifted off me because i had kept quiet about will being in school for a verrry long time.  it was a relief to finally tell everyone.  my coworkers were both excited for me and sad.  

i'm going to miss my work, my routine and rhythm, my coworkers.  the quiet half hour mornings to myself, knowing the order in which people come in, snacks in the afternoon with coworkers, our chit chat and playful joking. 

i wanted to document my little office space before things get too hectic and i forget to do it.  here's the entryway to my desk...

yes, those are my files on the ground.  we don't have filing cabinets for them.  my desk is on the left side.

here's my computer area, what i stare at all day:

my cork board, office directory, cute calendar and other knick knacks i've accumulated...

here's my little "kitchen".  i drink green tea every morning in that red car mug, using the little strainer that my friend allison got me years ago.  and i wash those plastic utensils and reuse them, along with my cup, plate and bowl.

and a view from the top.

it's a tiny space, but i will miss it.

on a side note, as i was taking these photos, i realized how much obama stuff i had accumulated in that tiny space.  my work was like obama central.  couldn't stop talking about the elections at work.  oh, i will miss those days.

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