fig & ave 57

is the theme of the photos in this post, and the area of the neigbhorhood that I frequent most. Figueroa is the main street which runs through Highland Park. In September, the much-anticipated Antigua Bread Bakery Cafe (not to be confused with Antigua Cultural Coffee House in El Sereno) opened near the corner of Fig and Ave 57. I don't find myself going there a lot. It's nicely set up inside, and I'm glad it came in. It just lacks a little something that I'd look for in a cafe...

At the fruit stands on the NE and SW corners of that same intersection, you can get a whole bunch of fruit cut up for you and sprayed with lime juice right on the spot for just a couple 'o bucks. Yum!

Here are a few more pics, just to give you a feel. This photo was taken from west of Fig, on Ave 57.

Here is the smaller parking lot by the Metro train station.

I took all of these back in October, thus the brightness. I've been trying to take some photos as I ride the Metro, so hopefully those will be coming soon as well.