it's fall

The weather is changing and it always makes me feel a little romantic. I love autumn. It's sunny and warm but there is something different in the air. You start to take out the jackets and coats that have been stored in the closet for several months, and finger those brightly colored scarves again, wondering if it's cooled down enough to wear them (I know, I'm so LA). So in the name of autumn I took a walk around the neighborhood yesterday in the late afternoon, when the air was crisp and there was a slight breeze.

That (above) is Highland Park, my friends. I hope to post more about my neighborhood in the days to come. Meanwhile, enjoy the nice weather. I just wish we could also see leaves changing color in our part of the world.


  1. Your 'hood looks lovely. Love your photos.

  2. I LOVE fall...boots, apple cider, fireplaces!

  3. nice photos. always like pictures from the hood...