Paris is a beautiful city! It was our first stop and we stepped off the plane zombie-like, and very grateful to have a cozy and clean place to stay. Here's the view from our hotel balcony.

We arrived in the morning that first day so we kept ourselves awake by packing out the day: Trocadero, Eiffel Tower, and Seine boat tour. View of the city from the Eiffel.

As you can see, it was kinda cloudy. We were surprised by how chilly and rainy it was. Even in early August! Below is the Eiffel at sunset.

The sun set at 10pm so we waited for a few hourse before taking our boat cruise. Here's the Seine river at dusk.

We did not find Paris the friendliest of the cities we visited. However, we were ga-ga over its history, culture and aestheticism. It was a dream to even walk around in it. And the crepes in the street stands were to die for.


  1. glad you loved paris! i really liked it better the second time around. i feel like i could walk around the city for hours everyday.

  2. i love the last photo... it would make a great painting i think...