yoga love

I <3> yoga. I highly recommend it. It's low impact, but builds strength, flexibility and balance. In other words, abs, toned arms and toned legs. Here is my favorite pose, warrior 2:

If you've never done yoga you're probably thinking, "What? I could do that pose any day!". But there are so many steps to get to this pose that by the time you get there it feels real good. And you feel like a strong warrior! (Okay, I'm getting really into it).

I am the most inflexible woman on this planet. I couldn't even bend over and touch my toes. I was practically touching my knees. But after 6 weeks of yoga I can touch my toes, and I have toned arms too.


  1. Good job, Bo! Lexie and I are doing a 7-day gym trial and I'm going to try to do a class there soon.

  2. Doesn't it feel good to let those muscles get long and build that core muscle? My arms are so flabby! I guess I'm in yoga central...but, I think it's a little different here. Glad to connect through blogging!